Mobility Managed Services

When you start your business, you will need provisions to stay connected. That’s where Business ICT Partners come in - we procure and manage your mobility solutions for you based on your business requirements. With our team’s expert knowledge of the industry, experience time and cost savings in today’s fast paced world. Stay connected and work efficiently, always.

Mobility device management

Our expert team of consultants supports and administers your Mobile Device Management platform. We make sure that every device that is connected to your network is secure and authentic. Maintain full visibility and control over your business mobile devices with Business ICT. We can even provide you with mobility managed services tailored to suit your business needs.

Mobile applications

Business ICT Partners’ also configures your mobile device with applications available in Telstra Apps Marketplace. Choose from an extensive range of business and enterprise apps, each available in a variety of pricing and packaging options. Change the way you run your business, be it in an office set-up or working on the go, we help you stay flexible with your work.

Device staging

Onboarding multiple mobile devices at the same time will consume a lot of time and may be seen as complex- further it also poses unnecessary risks to your data security. Business ICT Partners’ Device Staging service ensures your that mobile devices are ready for business straight out of the box! From procuring, installing and configuring settings to accessories and quality control, we’ll take care of it for you.